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David Thinger | #MFBArt14


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David's Story

Mary Free Bed Guild 2012 Art Show Featured Artist, David Thinger

I have been disabled since an accident in 1992. My traumatic brain injury caused me to lose my memory and triggered an uncontrollable seizure disorder. Unfortunately, my brain surgery in 1994 failed – and left me in a more difficult memory situation. I continue to work with the University of Michigan Hospital System on the latest medicines and surgeries, but I’ve learned to love life the way it is and to realize everyone out there has difficulties of his or her own. I use my disability as an opportunity to expand my art talent. Still, I continue to hope that I will eventually recover and be able to return to work

I’ve won art contests, shown my work in galleries and taken many years of art classes, including oil painting, which I’ve taken 10 times. I’ve also put together a website, www.portraitsbydave.com, which has been helpful. Grand Valley Artists has helped me tremendously. Working with this organization has increased my talent and connections. I have been working on becoming a professional illustrator.

My art is being written about by a Harvard neurologist who has been researching how my medical condition has affected many artists, including Leonardo da Vinci. 

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