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The Mary Free Bed Research Approval Process

A Step by Step Outline

1. Researcher reviews Mary Free Bed's online information to determine needed documentation based on planned components of research.

Protocol Guidelines
Research IRB Application for Initial Review
Continuing Review Application
Notification of Study Closure
Consent Form Guidelines
Consent Form Example
Assent Form Example
Expedited Review
Renewal Form

2. Email research.irb@maryfreebed.com with your contact phone number to let her know you are sending a protocol.

3. Send a protocol, (and, as required, budget, research IRB application for initial review, consent form, assent form) to IRB. Please include the following contact information: principal investigator's email, principal investigator's phone number, principal investigator's address.
NOTE: Protocols received prior to the third Thursday of the month will be reviewed at the next month's IRB meeting. Refer to the research IRB calendar for specific dates for the current year.

4. Principal investigators will be notified for the IRB's receipt of their protocol and associated documents via email.

5. IRB chair or vice chair identifies a primary reviewer for your protocol.

6. The protocol is sent to IRB members.

7. Confirmation of meeting sent to all IRB members and the principal investigator.

8. At the meeting, there will be a short presentation by the researchers followed by a question and answer seesion and recommendations.

9. The primary investigator will receive written approval, disapproval, or a list of necessary modifications in order to receive approval within one week of the meeting.

10. Modified protocols or documents are to be sent to IRB. When approved, the primary investigator will receive both an email and a hardcopy of written approval. Otherwise, the primary investigator will receive a list of modifications still needed to receive approval.

11. Research can begin once final approval is received.

12. Those research protocols which involved human participants are required to provide a progress report to the IRB a minimum of once per year. Click here to see the renewal form.

13. A notification of study closure should be sent to IRB members when a protocol is completed.

14. Please notify research IRB when your research is completed.

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