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Dress Code

Student Appearance

Student appearance is an important aspect of the impression visitors and patients have of Mary Free Bed services. All employees are expected to dress in a professional manner, reflecting the professionalism of the organization and the commitment to quality health care and high customer service. Particular care should be taken in the area of personal hygiene for protection of the employee and the patient.

  • All staff must wear the appropriate picture ID nametag. Nametags must not be defaced.
  • Staff must adhere to the dress code of the facility where they are working.
  • All clothes & shoes must be clean and in good repair (no frayed or torn clothing).
  • Hair must be neat and clean. Beards, mustaches and sideburns must be kept trimmed.
  • Employees providing patient care may not wear artificial nails or nail extenders/enhancements, based on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee (HICPAC). In addition, employees involved in patient care must manicure fingernails to a reasonable length of no more than ¼ inch beyond the tip of each finger. Nail polish on natural fingernails is allowed.
  • Employees will not wear strong smelling perfume, cologne or after-shave, as some patients are allergic or very sensitive to certain smells.
  • Extremes in dress, hair, jewelry (including body piercings) and footwear are to be avoided.
  • Proper attire is required. The following are not allowed:
    • Cotton and/or spandex leggings or other form fitting pants
    • Sweatpants or jogging suits
    • Halter, crop, off the shoulder, or tank tops
    • Muscle shirts, bare midriffs or transparent clothing
    • Low necklines
    • Denim jeans of any color
    • Bib overalls
    • T-shirts with inappropriate wording or pictures (e.g. rock bands, beer or alcohol logos, swear words, etc.)
  • Socks, nylons, or tights must be worn at all times.
  • Staff providing patient care or working with certain types of equipment will not wear open toe shoes.
  • Undergarments must not show through clothing. Good judgment must be used when wearing white clothing (e.g., no flowered undergarments)
  • Managers will use discretion and make judgment calls regarding the above guidelines (e.g., what constitutes a “low neckline”?). Decisions on dress code violations and when an employee should be sent home to change, etc., are the responsibility of the employee’s manager/supervisor.
  • Students using the pool for patient treatment should wear a one-piece swimsuit or trunks.

Dress code for students at St. Mary's Health Center

Black scrubs are required. Socks must be worn. Shoes must be clean and presentable. A temporary name tag will be issued to you through St. Mary's security office, which you are required to wear daily.

Dress code for students at Mary Free Bed Inpatient Department

Black scrubs (as long as they are clean, not form fitting, no low necklines, etc.). Students may also wear black pants with a white or black polo shirt.

Dress code for students at Mary Free Bed OTC Departments

Business casual, scrubs of any color (as long as they are clean, not form fitting, no low necklines, etc.). Black or khaki pants with black or white polo shirts (may have school name on them).

  • Skirt length must not be shorter than 3 inches above the top knee.
  • Students are not allowed to wear sleeveless attire unless worn under a jacket, shirt, sweater, etc.
  • Capri length pants may be worn.

Dress code for students at Mary Free Bed Professional Services

Business casual is required. If you are in coverage services, you will need to wear the appropriate clothing for the location you will be covering. Please contact your CI for further information. 

Dress code for nursing students

Please refer to the dress code policy for your specific nursing program.

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