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Mary Free Bed's Organizational Service Standards

Positive Image

  • Exhibit professional appearance and work activity at all times.
  • Always wear name tag.
  • Smile and use a cheerful voice and intonation.
  • Take pride in and promote Mary Free Bed. Speak highly of the services provided and speak confidently and positively of coworkers and team.
  • Pick up trash and wipe up small spills and report the need of repairs and/or major clean up to the appropriate department.

Privacy and Respect

  • Treat customer and staff information with confidentiality.
  • Knock, and ask permission to enter before walking into a patient’s room or coworkers' private workspace; ask if “now” is a good time.
  • Address customers by their preferred name and title.
  • Go the extra mile: Ask, “Is there anything else I can help you with?” after every encounter.
  • Arrive on time for meetings and appointments. When conducting meetings, begin and end on time.

Phone Etiquette

  • Answer phone with a friendly and informative greeting, providing the organization's name, department name, name of person speaking, and ask how you may help the caller.
  • Listen, ask questions, and verify the customer is being transferred to the correct extension. If intended recipient is not in, offer options (e.g., voice mail or written message).
  • Give callers from outside of MFB the correct department/person and phone number they need, for their future reference, before transferring call to the appropriate department.
  • Give customers calling long distance the appropriate 800 number, plus the appropriate extension.

Wait Time

  • On arrival, inform customer immediately of any prolonged wait time. Apologize, state reason for delay and expected length of time before service. Ensure comfortable waiting space.


  • Greet customers with eye contact, a warm smile and hello, and an “action” mindset. Address customer by name, if known.
  • Avoid jargon and speak in words and terms slowly enough for others to understand.
  • Be alert to customers needing assistance and ask if you can help them.
  • Escort customers to their destinations if they appear to be unsure or look lost.
  • Use service recovery standards at all times when dealing with a service breakdown situation: Apologize and establish your intentions to help; get the facts; develop solutions or manage problems you can’t solve; implement solutions.
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