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Outpatient Therapy Center Policies and Procedures

Working Hours

Outpatient Therapy Center hours are 8:00 am - 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Plan to follow an 8:00 am - 5:00 pm schedule, unless you are contacted by the center clinical coordinator of education (CCCE) for special arrangements.

Lunch for the department is Noon - 1:00 pm, although patients may be scheduled at that time and you will need to have lunch before or after.


You will be scheduled for patients by your clinical instructor (CI) according to the policies and procedures of the program to which you are assigned. When you aren't seeing patients you will spend that time completing orientations, note writing, reading charts, reading pertinent information, and conferences, among other activities. If scheduling changes are necessary, your CI will help you.


Educational inservices are scheduled by each discipline and program. Your CI will let you know the specific inservices that may interest you. Grand Rounds are held every Friday morning at 7:30 am.

Full-time students, three weeks or longer, are required to present an inservice/case study to the staff or to complete a special project. An inservice date will be arranged with the OTC clinical instructor. The topic will be discussed with your CI before scheduling.


The purpose of team conferences is to discuss the status and progress of patients with the rest of the team members. Outpatients receiving multidisciplinary treatments will be conferenced once a month. You are required to attend and participate in the conferences where your patients are discussed. Your CI will discuss conference procedures with you before your first conference.

Initial Evaluation

The initial evaluation reflects the patient’s status on admission and must be completed within 10 working days. Write and submit your evaluation to your CI for approval and co-signature(s) before submitting it to medical records.

Progress Notes

For outpatients, write daily notes at each visit. A progress note is sent to the physician monthly. The notes follow the SOAP format and are based on identified functional goals.

Use only black ink to write documentation. Only abbreviations and symbols used by the department are acceptable; you'll receive a list of abbreviations. Your CI must read and counter-sign all documentation (initial evaluation, progress notes, home programs, equipment orders, discharge summaries, etc.).

Discharge Summaries

Discharge summaries document the patient’s status at the time of discharge. It's also used to compare status if the patient returns for outpatient follow-up or treatment. Complete discharge summaries within 10 working days from discharge date. Your CI will identify the procedure to follow.

Student Evaluation

You'll receive a formal written performance review at the midpoint and at the end of your affiliation. Evaluations are discussed with you and signed by your CI and you. The performance review form from your school is used for the evaluations. Informal feedback sessions are held between you and your CI at a predetermined frequency.

Complete the student feedback form at the time of your final evaluation. Your feedback is shared with your CI and given to the Center Coordinator of Clinical Education.


If you will be absent, call 616.242.0366 by 7:30 am to leave a message for your CI that you will not be coming in. Please leave a number where you can be reached. Be prepared to give a summary of the treatments your patients need for the day. Allowances for absenteeism and requirements for make-up time will follow the policy of your academic program.

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