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Gary Brodinn | #MFBArt14

Not For Sale


For more information or to purchase art, email artshow@maryfreebed.com.


My artwork comes from the heart. It is how I perceive things in my life.  Basically, it is a show of my feelings and appreciation. When I draw something for someone, the greatest gratification I receive is the smile and the warmth that it puts in someone’s heart.

Due to the brain injury, my artwork has been affected dramatically. While it has somewhat deteriorated, the feelings in my heart have been a great help in regaining my abilities. Patience is truly a virtue.

I started creating art in high school, more than 30 years ago.  Mechanical as well as architectural drafting really intrigued me. Then I was taught how to use other parts of my brain to enhance my artwork.  An example would be drawing something upside down.  This engaged areas in my brain that I had not previously used.

I prefer to use pencil, charcoal, as well as pen and ink.  I feel that I can show depth and texture more prominent with these.

I have a very deep appreciation and a profound love for St. Mary’s, Mary Free Bed and Hope Network for everything they have done for me.  My truest love goes out to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ . He has been at my side throughout all of this.

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