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Darcie Bledsoe | #MFBArt14


Cherry Bloom Koi Fish


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Darcie's Story

Mary Free Bed Guild Art Exhibition 2012, Artist Darcie Bledsoe

My name is Darcie Bledsoe and I am 26 years old. I was born with three holes in my heart. At four months of age, I went into heart failure. After surgery, the doctors believed I would not survive past my teenage years. To further complicate things, I had a mild stroke and seizures and was later diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy.

In school, I was enrolled in special education classes. I was never diagnosed as mentally retarded but I was definitely different. When I was 10, my mother home schooled me for a year because I couldn’t read. When I went back to school, they tested me and I was reading on a high-school level. Now I read on a college level and reading is one of my favorite hobbies. Back in school, I was still in special education classes and I still felt different. At the age of 15, the pieces fell into place. Tests revealed that I had Asperger syndrome, a higher functioning form of autism. At that point, we were able to understand why I felt the way I did and why I was different.

With Asperger’s, I tend to get obsessed with things like writing poetry and reading Greek mythology. Now I am into collecting gem stones and sculpting. I am self taught in working with polymer clay and have been working with it for two years. I love making dragons from start to finish. Because of my cerebral palsy, my hands tend to shake too much for the finer and neater looking art, so I tend to stay away from painting my work. I now have some works that I feel are presentable to enter in the Mary Free Bed Fine Arts Exhibition.

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