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Lane Cooper | #MFBArt14

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Lane's Story

Mary Free Bed Guild 2013 Art Exhibit, Lane Cooper, Artist

I was born in 1941 and raised in Ludington, the first-born of identical twins. We lived in a rural country store and later moved to a farm. I grew up with five sisters and one brother and created a lot of my own toys out of scraps of wood and sticks when I was little. Because I liked to draw and paint, I took art lessons in high school. Later, my wife, Rosemary, and I made a lot of Christmas toys and gifts for family and friends. I spent many years making lots of things out of wood.

My artistic and creative medium changed as I struggled with a closed head injury from a severe auto accident in 2003. Because of the injuries, I opted to take an earlier-than-expected retirement as a maintenance mechanic from Alticor Corp. in Ada. This gave me more time between headaches to be creative. Plus, my art helped me cope with my struggles.

Between violent headaches, my endeavors blossomed into experimenting with several different mediums. I came to enjoy working with scrap metal to create wildlife figures, or whatever my passion led me to create. Not all of my attempts are completed. I put some of them aside in my shop, which is as “cluttered as my brain,” and they may resurface another day for completion.

My goal now is to continue down the path of creativity as a “starving artist.” I am using various materials and creative methods to show artistic techniques or means of expression. I thank God for the inspirations within me and for giving me the talent to express them. I use no patterns, because I can just “see” the things I want to create. Each day brings a new idea. As ideas and signals cross in my brain, creativity emerges.

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