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Mark Hamler | #MFBArt14


Working Through Love


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Mark's Story

Mark Hamler

In 1973, a young boy took a bike ride with a friend that would change his life. A driver’s education instructor and his family had just left their home when they went over a speed bump only to discover it was really a bike with a boy underneath it. The bike held the image of the boy’s body as it was flattened by the car. That boy was me and I was 12 years old. Medical personnel couldn’t tell if I had a brain injury then, but three years later I passed out with a severe concussion and spent three weeks in the hospital.

I was able to join the U.S. Navy in 1980.  I am happily married with six children: hers, mine and ours. I worked at the U.S. Postal Service.

Fast forward to November, 2011. I was driving to pick up my wife from work. The stop light turned green, the opposite traffic stopped and I headed into the intersection. But then a horn sounded and a car hit me. The gentleman in the car next to me was thankful I took the impact, because his two daughters were with him.

After a hospitalization at Saint Mary’s, I went to Hope Network for three months for rehabilitation of a traumatic brain injury. I was in a wheelchair and had to learn to walk again. From there I went to Mary Free Bed for 10 days. It just happened to be during the 30th Annual Art Exhibition and I was inspired to enter for the first time in 2013.

I’ve actually been interested in calligraphy since middle school. But it wasn’t until after my accident, that I began to pursue it.

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