25Apr 2013

New Patient Rooms

When designing the spaces for the new building at Mary Free Bed, enhancing patient care and experience was the number one focus. The construction and renovation team made sure to take the time to gather feedback from patients and employees on how to improve patient rooms.

Here’s what you can expect in the new patient rooms:

  • A private room with private baths that are ADA compliant
  • A secured patient storage unit where patients and visitors can store personal belongings and mobile devices
  • A full-size sleeper sofa for overnight visits from family and friends
  • A room that comfortably fits 4-5 guests
  • A folding chair for visitors to use as needed
  • A ceiling track to assist patients with transfers and mobility
  • A 42- inch TV placed within a comfortable viewing height
  • A place to park and charge a wheelchair

The rooms on the new patient floor will also feature a 10 ft. x 7 ft. window allowing plenty of natural light for patients to enjoy.

There will be 48 rooms on the new patient floor, 48 rooms on the skilled nursing floor, and approximately 36 rooms on the existing patient floor.