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06Dec 2013

Precast panels are going up!

Precast panels on Mary Free Bed’s new building are going up! View recent images.

Precast panels are going up on Mary Free Bed's construction site

26Nov 2013

Concrete Precast Arrives on Site

The precast for the new Mary Free Bed building is set to arrive tomorrow. Since the hospital is located in a city environment, there’s no extra room to store the panels on our site until the construction workers are ready to hang them on the building.

Kerkstra Precast, located in Grandville, Mich, is producing our concrete precast panels that will transform our new building from a steel structure into an enclosed building.

Concrete precast fun facts:

  • Some of the panels are up to 40 feet long
  • The approximate panel count is 515 panels, which amounts to 74,778 square feet/1,606.41 cubic yards
  • The heaviest piece is around 46,100 lbs.
19Nov 2013

New Mary Free Bed Construction Timelapse Video

Watch the latest Mary Free Bed Construction timelapse video from October 20 - November 18, 2013.

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