Onward. And upward. The Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital Construction Blog Our new facility has 6 stories.  Our history has thousands.
12Sep 2013

First piece of steel is set

We currently have 15 trailers full of steel that are being installed. Our first piece of steel was placed on September 10.

Fun fact: the first third of the new Mary Free Bed building is 500 tons, which is equal to one 747 jetliner or 250 average weight (4,000 lbs) cars.

Mary Free Bed Construction Project

04Sep 2013

Second level of concrete is poured

Over 400 cubic yards of concrete was poured last week for the second level of the new Mary Free Bed building. That's enough to fill 25 therapy pools! View recent images >

Concrete pour at Mary Free Bed

29Aug 2013

Aerial Photos of Mary Free Bed’s Construction Site

Enjoy these aerial photos of the Mary Free Bed construction site taken in July. Visit recent images to view more.

Aerial photo of the Mary Free Bed constructin site in July 2013.

Photos courtesy of John Wagner.

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