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Hand Therapy


The Hand Therapy program provides efficient rehabilitation for patients who have functional deficits involving their upper extremity. Treatment techniques used by occupational therapists restore function and improve independence with activities of daily living.

Hand Therapy Services

Patient evaluation to identify factors contributing to disability such as: 
Decreased range of motion
Scar adhesions
Muscle weakness
Coordination and fine motor deficits

Creation of client centered treatment plans to remediated deficits, resolve symptoms and improve functional outcomes. 

Treatment techniques include:
Fabrication of custom static, static progressive, and dynamic orthoses
Selection of prefabricated orthoses
Patient education
Manual therapy for soft tissue and joint mobilization
Therapeutic exercises & functional activities
Activity modification
Joint protection
Body mechanics
Adaptive equipment
Scar management
Edema management
Thermal modalities
Electrical stimulation

Who Uses These Services

Children and adults with upper extremity dysfunction involving fingers, hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulders are treated in the Hand Therapy Program. Conditions may be of the traumatic, repetitive, congenital, or autoimmune nature.   

Services Explained

We provide therapy services based on a physician referral.

Patient Assessment
Each patient is provided with an evaluation of upper extremity function depending on the complexity of the diagnosis.

Mary Free Bed's rehabilitation experts use a variety of treatment options. Custom splinting, fabricated by the therapist, is very effective. We also use manual therapy to assist with loss of function, and range of motion. We may use several physical agent modalities, such as the application of hot and cold, electrical stimulation for muscle and pain control, ultra sound for deep heat, scar and edema management, therapeutic exercises, and therapeutic activities. We provide patients with education, including a home exercise program, and a home splinting program.

Team Approach

Collaboration among clients, physicians, occupational therapists, and case managers is essential for successful outcomes.  Each player performs a role.  Mary Free Bed occupational therapists, many of whom are certified in hand therapy, provide expertise in hand rehabilitation.  Our occupational therapists develop protocols with hand surgeons using the latest evidence and educate local occupational therapy practitioners in best practice involving upper extremity conditions.  Because of this expertise, our occupational therapists efficiently advance clients in the recovery process and improve client goal achievement.

Duration and frequency of treatment is decided at your initial assessment, and your care plan is often determined by your doctor.

Meet the Doctors


Jeanine Beasley, EdD, OTR, CHT, FAOTA

Beasley is an associate professor at Grand Valley State University’s Occupational Therapy Department and is the Coordinator of the OT Weekend/Hybrid Program. She also works at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Jeanine is a frequent guest lecturer and has spoken in 13 states and 5 countries. She has authored and co-authored 9 book chapters and 8 journal articles many dealing with arthritis, orthotics, and the use of simulation in OT programs. Her current research interests include the use of pressure sensors to determine forces involved in various daily activities.

Marilee J. Mead, MD, Medical Director

East Beltline Clinic

Dr. Mead has practiced medicine for more than 19 years. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan Medical School and completed residencies in hand surgery, general surgery, and plastic/reconstructive surgery. She is trained in cosmetic surgery and is certified by the American Board of Surgery and American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Mead opened Grand Rapids Hand after a successful career at the Plastic Surgery Centre of West Michigan. She focuses on conditions that affect structure and function of the fingers, hand, and wrist. She also treats repetitive motion conditions, traumatic injuries, and other complex hand problems. 


Contact the Hand Therapy Program at Mary Free Bed's East Beltline Clinic

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