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What The Pain Center's Patients Are Saying

Garret Williams is a patient at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital's Pain Center.“This program has helped me tremendously in learning to cope with my pain and to accept it.  I have hope now, and my depression and anxiety have decreased.  This program has given me my life again!”

“Because of the treatment I received at The Pain Center, I am now working again.  Fear isn’t preventing me anymore from doing things that I know I can do.  I am not 100% pain free, but I am by far better emotionally because of this program.”

“This program is different from other forms of treatment because it provides you with both physical and emotional treatment.  The program has helped me set appropriate goals for myself, and has focused on educating me about my condition, which has resulted in far better treatment than anything else I have tried in the past!” - Garret W.

Sharease Beaudet is a patient at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital's Pain Center.“The program at Mary Free Bed has given me my life back. Teresa, the physical therapist, told me that I would be able to get back to snowboarding, and everything that I enjoyed doing before. I was so excited! I have learned to pace myself, and plan my days better so that I can manage the pain instead of the pain controlling me. My life can be full, active and fun with a bit of good planning and pacing!”

“I am now able to go through a day without the wall falling on me. My family has noticed that my moods are better, and I am back enjoying life. I am now able to be kind to myself, which is a new concept for someone who is a perfectionist.”

“Mary Free Bed’s program addresses all areas of your life. The education of what fibromyalgia is, and the options of treatment gave me a feeling of control in my treatment. The coping skills and stress reduction have been a huge benefit for me. I am so thankful that I found Mary Free Bed. My life would not be the same without them. I would recommend this program to everyone who wants to get their life back! Thank you Mary Free Bed family!” - Sharease B.

“The work that The Pain Center has done has given me back the movement in my hips and shoulders, and strengthened my back and hands. I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Fibromyalgia Program.

“Because of the treatment given, I am now able to stand and walk for longer than 30 minutes without pain. I feel as though I may be able to get back to work now!”

“This pain was different then other treatment I have had because physical and occupational therapy worked together to help give me my life back. I have had back injections in the past that focused only on my lower back, and I have had three different therapists work with me for my pain and they were not able to get me to the point I am now since participating in the fibromyalgia program at Mary Free Bed.”- Theresa B.

Jennifer Womble is a patient at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital's Pain Center.“The fibromyalgia program has given me my life back. Before the program, I felt as if the pain would keep getting worse with no hope of improvement, but now I completely control of my pain”.

“I am now training for my first 5K walk/jog. I was never one to view exercise as a hobby, but I now look forward to my workouts because of how much better they make me feel”.

“This program is comprehensive and treats the mind, body and soul. The fibromyalgia program empowers the patient to be in control of their progress and recovery”. - Jennifer W.

Donna Sawyer is a patient at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital's Pain Center.“This program has given me the knowledge I need to learn to manage my pain, and has shown me the correct exercises to do. It also taught me the correct way to lift and carry thing, which can prevent further pain or injury.”

“Because of the treatment I have had at The Pain Center, I am now able to stand for a longer amount of time and walk further distances without as much pain.”

“This program is different than other treatment I have had in the past because it focused on treating my whole body, and every aspect of my pain. ”- Donna S.

“This program has helped me learn how to control my fibromyalgia in of it controlling me. I am more active now then I have ever been in the past!”

“Now that I have completed the fibromyalgia program, I am able to train to run the 25K at the River Bank Run. I also plan to continue to run and eventually run in a marathon.”

“This program is different than other things I have tried in the past. The therapists worked with me instead of making me feel like nothing can be done. This program let me know that my pain isn’t just something that is made up, and that there is something I can do to control it.” - Cindy A.

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