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The Pain Center Newsletter

Catch up with the latest news at The Pain Center at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital. Visit the links below for the latest news and tips for managing your pain.

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Newsletter Archive

September 2014
Backpack Safety

August 2014
Rebound Headaches

July 2014
Get Out of Your Mind

June 2014
Anxiety and Panic

May 2014
Dealing with Chronic Pain

April 2014
Spring Activity Pacing

March 2014
How Exercise May Help Back Pain

February 2014
Midwest Pain Society Meeting

January 2014

The Benefits of a Good Night's Sleep

December 2013
Tips for Holiday Exercise

November 2013
Get Up and Move! (Your Life Depends On It)

October 2013
Smart Phone and Laptop Ergonomics

September 2013
Laptop Ergonomics

August 2013
Body Mechanics Principles

July 2013
Patient Program Folders

June 2013
Summer Activity Pacing

May 2013
Making Room for Sadness

March 2013
Vitamin D and You

February 2013
The "Relaxation Response"

January 2013
Be Successful With Your New Year's Resolutions

December 2012
Pacing for the Holidays

November 2012
Continued Physical Fitness

October 2012
Introducing...New Staff!

September 2012
Safe Gardening

August 2012
The "If...Then" Dilemma

July 2012
Tension Type Headaches

June 2012
Migraine Headaches

May 2012
Pain Psychology in 60 Seconds

April 2012
Introducing New Staff

March 2012
Snow Shoveling Safety

February 2012
Chronic Pain and The Family: Part III

January 2012
Chronic Pain and The Family: Part II

December 2011
Chronic Pain and The Family: Part I

November 2011
Enhancing Motivation to Change

October 2011
Have You Gotten Your Endorphin Stimulation Today?

September 2011
Date Changes for Fibromayalgia Support Group

August 2011
Fibromayalgia Support Group

July 2011
The Use of Body Mechanics Principles During Daily Activity

June 2011
The Importance of Good Posture<=/p>

May 2011
Don't Worry, Be Happy

April 2011
Spring Activity Pacing

March 2011
Medical Management of Chronic Pain & Headaches

February 2011
Exercise and Weight Loss

January 2011
New Year's Resolutions

December 2010 
Winter Exercise

November 2010
Art Therapy

October 2010 
Support Group for Fibromyalgia 

September 2010
Back to School & Flare-up Management

August 2010 
Computer Workstation Ergonomics

July 2010
Vitamin D and You

June 2010
Welcome New Staff and Summer Exercising

May 2010 
Spring Has Sprung!

April 2010 
A Word on Mindfulness

March 2010 
Physical Activity and Public Health in Adults (Part III)

February 2010 
Physical Activity and Public Health in Adults (Part II)

January 2010
Physical Activity and Public Health in Adults (Part I)

December 2009 
Pain Mangement for the Holiday Season

November 2009 
Have You Gotten Your Endorphin Stimulation Today?

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