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Amputee Rehabilitation at Mary Free Bed

The comprehensiveness of Mary Free Bed’s Amputation Rehabilitation Program means you can have all your needs met on one campus, no matter where you are in your rehabilitation.

Inpatient Amputation Rehabilitation

Amputation rehabilitation prosthetic leg fitting at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital.Transfer to Mary Free Bed following your amputation to work on functional independence in self-care, adjustment, and wellness.

Outpatient Amputation Medical Assessments

Receive physician rehabilitation management and consultative services for your individual amputation needs.

Outpatient Therapy Center

Prepare for your prosthetic limb. As your wound heals following amputation, our expertly trained physical and occupational therapists prepare you for a prosthesis and help with your amputation treatment plan.

Adult Amputee Clinic

Meet with the rehabilitation professionals at Mary Free Bed’s Adult Amputee Clinic for follow-up care and ongoing medical management.


Work with Mary Free Bed’s certified prosthetics professionals to develop a prescription for your initial prosthetic limb fitting, to make adjustments, and to develop an individual training plan.

Levels of Amputee Care at Mary Free Bed

  • Recent amputations
  • Adjustment to life without a prosthesis
  • Beginning prosthetic training
  • Advanced prosthetic training

Amputee Specialty Services

Mary Free Bed has a range of amputee specialty services to help you get back to living after your limb loss.

Contact the Amputation Rehabilitation Program at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital

For a pre-admission screening or outpatient medical assessment, please use the Amputation Rehabilitation Program contact information below:

616.242.0396 or 800.305.8893

616.242.0366 or 800.668.6001



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