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Amputation Rehabilitation Facilities

So you can get the most out of your amputation rehabilitation, Mary Free Bed offers specialized therapy and treatment areas so your recovery is quicker, smoother, and more effective.

Patient at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital's amputee program.Inpatient Therapy Gym

Begin your recovery in Mary Free Bed’s Therapy Gym, which features state-of-the art equipment, ample treatment areas, and a full-size practice car with an adjustable height lift.

Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital's amputee program.Outpatient Therapy Center

The Outpatient Therapy Center offers a variety of specialty therapy areas, including an apartment for training in daily living skills and a simulated outdoor environment for curb, ramp, and stair training.


Amputation rehabilitation in Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital's therapeutic pool.Therapeutic Pool

Water therapy in Mary Free Bed’s therapeutic pool can help you with increasing muscle strength and flexibility and with performing tasks that may not yet be possible to do on land.

Outdoor therapy through Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital's amputee program.Outdoor Therapy Area

Mary Free Bed’s outdoor Therapath™ is no ordinary walk in the park. This beautifully landscaped course on the hospital’s campus includes a range of challenging exercises to help patients improve strength and mobility.

Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital encourages amputee independence.Independence Square™

Learn to readapt to the physical world from a wheelchair or with other assistive technology, doing everything from shopping at a market to eating in a restaurant to banking at the ATM.

Inpatient and outpatient apartments help amputee rehabilitation patients at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital.Inpatient and Outpatient Apartments

To re-learn daily activities, you’ll work with therapists in Mary Free Bed’s onsite apartments. Outfitted with adaptive equipment, Mary Free Bed’s simulated apartments will help you perfect functional skills for independent living.

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