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Driver Rehabilitation Program

Mary Free Bed's Driver Rehabilitation Program works to restore your independence by enabling you to drive safely and confidently. Our therapists will evaluate your needs and provide a plan for training, when appropriate.

Amputee patient in Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital's driver rehabilitation program.

Services Include

  • Comprehensive driving evaluation
  • Driver education/rehabilitation
  • Vehicle modification recommendations (if applicable)

Services Explained

To be seen, you must first have your condition evaluated by a doctor who writes a prescription requesting a driving or transportation assessment. Driver rehabilitation is a service that can advise you and your physician about your overall driver safety and readiness to drive. Our staff doesn't have the ability to grant or remove your license.

Comprehensive Driving Evaluation

Your evaluation determines if you're able to drive or return to driving. If you need special equipment or vehicle modification, our therapists provide information regarding what's available and how much it may cost. A comprehensive driving evaluation includes:

  • Clinical evaluation with an occupational therapist
  • Functional driving assessment with a driver rehabilitation specialist
  • Wheelchair access compatibility assessment (if applicable)
  • Education about adaptive equipment (if applicable)
  • Documentation that may include prognosis for success, an estimate of time necessary for training and licensing, summary of vehicle, and adaptive equipment needs

Driver Education and Rehabilitation

Your training is based on your needs. Our specialists help you complete the driver licensing process. If you require vehicle modifications, the Driver Rehabilitation staff provides you with the specific information needed to make a purchase decision. Driver education and rehabilitation includes:

  • Behind-the-wheel experience with a driver rehabilitation specialist
  • Road test with licensing authority
  • Vehicle modification consultation (if applicable)

Vehicle Modification Assistance (if applicable)

If you're purchasing a modified vehicle with adaptive equipment, you'll receive consultation, assistance, and training, as needed. This includes:

  • Modification process
  • Test drive and conformance inspection
  • Vehicle familiarization

Contact the Driver Rehabilitation Program

For more information or to make a referral, please contact Mary Free Bed's Driver Rehabilitation Program.

616.242.0343 or 800.528.8989



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