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Seizures Caused by Brain Injury

Following a brain injury, there's a 5-10 percent chance that seizures may develop. The risk is higher, however, in situations where bone fragments or foreign objects have pressed into the brain, or when brain surgery is done.

Seizures may develop immediately following an injury or may be delayed months or even years. A grand mal seizure is one in which a person loses consciousness accompanied by involuntary jerking motions of the arms and legs. Often there is no warning. Loss of bowel or bladder control can occur. If a seizure should happen unexpectedly, or last longer than one or two minutes with impaired breathing, you should seek immediate medical attention for the patient.

Some people experience more mild seizures in which only a portion of the body is affected (such as twitching arm, face, jaw). The person’s appearance and level of consciousness may change very little.

Alcohol and some drugs further increase the risk of seizures. Alcohol and drugs may have a negative effect on any prescription medications the patient may be taking, as alcohol not only impacts metabolism, but also interacts with the medication enhancing or negating its effects.

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