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Mary Free Bed's Inpatient Brain Injury Program

Every 23 seconds one person in the United States sustains a head injury. If your loved one falls into this statistic, the last thing you want is for him or her is to be treated as a statistic.

At Mary Free Bed, our rehabilitation specialists understand that every brain injury is different, which means the recovery process is also different for each brain injury. That’s why Mary Free Bed provides carefully developed and individualized treatment for your loved one’s specific circumstances. And, our staff will treat more than just the brain injury, they’ll also treat your loved one’s physical, mental, emotional, and social disabilities so the person you care about can return to life as fully as possible.

Mary Free Bed’s Facility and Equipment

Our inpatient nursing floor features a pleasantly decorated, family-friendly space with two social areas, a kitchenette, and a library. Our therapy gym offers state-of-the-art equipment and ample treatment space.

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