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Cancer Rehabilitation Stories from Mary Free Bed

Randy Herlein – Cancer Survivor

Ask Randy Herlein of Twin Lake, Mich. to describe his perfect day and rest assured he’ll talk about the outdoors. From caribou hunting near the Arctic Circle, to mountain climbs, canyon hikes, fishing trips and triathlons, Randy is always ready for the next adventure. In addition to being a husband, father and outdoorsman, Randy is a cancer survivor -- a thriver with an amazing story of faith and determination.

Janet Weisiger  -- Cancer Survivor

As a registered nurse, Janet Weisiger understood all too well what the diagnosis of brain cancer could mean. Doctors told her that the aggressive cancer would take her life in about seven weeks. That was years ago.

After surgery Janet was not able to move, speak or even blink her eyes. Sixteen months of chemotherapy followed. Thanks to extensive rehabilitation, Janet is back doing the things she loves, which include gardening and entertaining her family and friends.

The last vestige of her cancer was a nonfunctioning right arm.  At the Betty Bloomer Ford Cancer Rehabilitation Program, Janet received outpatient occupational therapy, Botox injections and a Bioness arm device to stimulate nerve endings. Janet declared victory the day she was able to use her right hand to open her wallet, remove her credit card, and swipe it as she paid for groceries.

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