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Mary Free Bed's Driver Rehabilitation Services

We evaluate each driver’s needs and provide a plan for training, when appropriate. Our goal is to restore our drivers’ independence by enabling them to drive safely and with confidence. Mary Free Bed offers several driver rehabilitation services to help get patients back in the driver's seat.

driver rehabilitationDriver Rehabilitation Services

Our Driver Rehabilitation Program carefully evaluates drivers to determine their specific needs, makes recommendations, and, if necessary, provides assistance in obtaining vehicles and adaptive equipment.

Driver Rehabilitation Services Include

  • Comprehensive driving evaluation
  • Driver education/rehabilitation
  • Vehicle modification recommendations (if applicable)

Who Uses Driver Rehabilitation Services

  • Older drivers
  • New drivers
  • Drivers in need of an assessment of driving skills after an injury or health change
  • Individuals in need of vehicle modifications

Driver Rehabilitation Services Explained

To be seen, an driver must first have his or her condition evaluated by a physician who writes a prescription requesting a driving or transportation assessment. Driver rehabilitation is a service that can advise a client and his or her physician about an individual’s overall driver safety and readiness to drive. The Mary Free Bed Driver Rehabilitation Program does not have the ability to grant or remove an individual’s license.

Comprehensive Driving Evaluation

The evaluation will determine if the individual is able to drive or return to driving. If the client needs special equipment or vehicle modification, we will provide information regarding what is available and how much it may cost.
A comprehensive driving evaluation includes:

  • Clinical evaluation with an occupational therapist
  • Functional driving assessment with a driver rehabilitation specialist
  • Wheelchair access compatibility assessment (if applicable)
  • Education about adaptive equipment (if applicable)
  • Documentation that may include prognosis for success, an estimate of time necessary for training and licensing, summary of vehicle, and adaptive equipment needs

Driver Education/Rehabilitation

Training is provided based on the individual needs of each client. We provide assistance in completing the driver licensing process. Individuals who require vehicle modifications will be provided with the specific information needed to make a purchase decision.
Driver education/rehabilitation includes:

  • Behind-the-wheel experience with a driver rehabilitation specialist
  • Road test with licensing authority
  • Vehicle modification consultation (if applicable)

Vehicle Modification Assistance (if applicable)

For clients who are purchasing a modified vehicle with adaptive equipment, a driver rehabilitation specialist will provide consultation, assistance, and training, as needed. Vehicle modification assistance includes:

  • Modification process
  • Test drive and conformance inspection
  • Vehicle familiarization

Who Uses Driver Rehabilitation Services Explained

Our program functions differently for each of our four types of clients.

Older Drivers

Older drivers who may consider using our program may be experiencing some difficulty with driving skills, such as reaction time.They may have vision problems or they may suffer from a degenerative disease that affects their ability to drive. Friends, family members, or the drivers themselves might notice a change in driving ability. Our program will provide an evaluation of current driving skills and determine what is needed for the driver to continue driving safely. We can provide training, tips, or vehicle modifications, as necessary. Information may also be provided regarding driving retirement and alternative modes of transportation, if appropriate.

New Drivers

New drivers who may consider using our program may have a disability or limited mobility that prevents them from enrolling in other driver’s education courses. Our program provides modified vehicles and the training needed to learn to operate them.

Experienced Drivers Needing Assessment

Experienced drivers who require an assessment of visual, perceptual, and cognitive skills related to driving may consider using our program. This evaluation is most commonly provided for individuals who have had a head injury or stroke. These disabilities can cause changes in visual, perceptual, and cognitive skills. A professional assessment of driving skills is often recommended before he or she returns to driving. In some cases, training may be required to provide the driver with an opportunity to learn to compensate for changes caused by the injury or stroke.

Drivers Needing Vehicle Modification

Drivers in need of vehicle modification may already have a driver’s license. Due to an accident or an illness, the driver may need of retraining. Our program not only teaches these drivers how to drive modified vehicles, but also provides assistance with every step of the process in obtaining their own modified vehicle. We have various driving systems available for trial use and can modify a vehicle specifically for an individual driver’s training. We can provide detailed information regarding adaptive equipment, costs, and maintenance.

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