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Mary Free Bed's Outpatient Brain Injury Clinic and Post-Concussion Clinic

Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital offers clinics specializing in brain injury, and post concussion. The clinics are directed by rehabilitation physicians who participate in direct care during the recovery period after a concussion, or in ongoing care for those dealing with a brain injury.

Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital encourages riders to wear helmets.Ongoing family support and education is a significant element of the program provided here at Mary Free Bed. The physiatrist, nurse, and patient develop a mutual care plan that best fits the needs of the patient’s health, and lifestyle. This care plan addresses the whole person – mental, physical, emotional and social – through therapy, medication, and/or counseling.

Mary Free Bed's outpatient brain clinic offers a healing environment, and provides holistic and timely care to ensure a quicker recovery with better outcomes.

Contact the Brain Injury Clinic or Post-Concussion Clinic

For more information about the Brain Injury Clinic or Post-Concussion Clinic, or to make a referral, please contact the Brain Injury Clinic or the Post-Concussion Clinic:

616.242.0481 or 800.790.8040


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