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During Your Visit to the Motion Analysis Center

What happens during my appointment at the Motion Analysis Center?

While not hard, this motion analysis test can take from 2.5 to 4 hours to finish. This time varies depending on your endurance and the number of testing conditions. Parents are asked to remain in the motion analysis department throughout the test and can stay by their child's side throughout, if desired.

After arriving at our waiting room, you will be met by our patient coordinator. This person will check over your paperwork and make sure any questions you have about payment, etc. are answered before escorting you to the Motion Analysis Center (5-10 minutes).

You will meet the staff who will explain everything you will be asked to do during the test (5 minutes). We will answer any questions you may have before starting.

One or more staff members will review your medical history and concerns based on the paperwork you complete before your appointment. At this time, we will also ask you about your biggest goals or concerns for your movements (10-20 minutes).

After you change clothes, we will videotape your walking or other movements. Other motor skills (e.g. running) may also be videotaped if thought to be useful to us or your doctor (5-10 minutes).

Foot Print Analysis (walking test only)
You will walk several times down the runway with a special electronic mat placed in the middle of the path (5 minutes).

Physical Examination
You will lie on a padded exam table while one of our physical therapists takes careful measurements of your body (45-60 minutes).

Snack Break
You will be offered a snack and juice, compliments of the Motion Analysis Center. You can enjoy these while the staff prepares you for the next part of the study.

Electromyography (EMG)
A number of sensors will be placed over various muscles of your arms or legs. You will then be asked to perform specific tasks (like walking or reaching). The computer will record what your muscles do as you move (10-15 minutes).

Marker Placement
Next, a staff member will tape numerous small silver balls (reflectors) onto specific places on your body. These are very light and should not impact how you move. If you wear a leg brace(s), these "markers" will later be placed over your shoes and braces as well to measure how the brace(s) and shoes change your walking (30 minutes).

Video Motion Capture
You will perform the movement(s) being studied while wearing the reflectors. Ten special cameras around the room record the movements of the reflectors to create a 3-D model of your movement pattern. This computer model will be analyzed and turned into several pages of graphs describing exactly what's happening when you move (10-20 minutes).

If appropriate, a parent and/or patient (depending on age) will be asked to complete a standardized survey of general health status at some point during the appointment. The survey is done right into a computer; sometimes Motion Analysis Center staff will read through the survey with the patient (10-20 minutes).

After getting dressed, a staff member will show you "the digital you" moving on our computer screen. We will also print off a picture of you with the reflectors on to show your friends and family at home. Young patients may pick a special prize from our toy box. Motion Analysis Center staff will not discuss any results with you on the day of the test.

Motion Analysis Center Contact Information

For more information about what to expect during your visit to the Mary Free Bed's Motion Analysis Center, or to make a referral, please contact the Motion Analysis Center in West Michigan:



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