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Stance Control Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthoses

Mary Free Bed Orthotics uses two orthotic designs that provide knee stability to a weak lower limb without using high amounts of energy. With the UTX and the E-Knee, patients can walk with their knee free during swing phase.


  • Uses a cable system between knee and ankle joint
  • Knee locks at heel strike
  • Knee remains locked until certain dorsiflexion is achieved
  • Hip extension needed to trigger knee release
  • Knee free during swing phase

The E-Knee

  • Uses electronic sensor in the footplate
  • Activates magnetic locking knee joint
  • Foot makes contact with ground and knee remains locked
  • Weight is removed from knee and joint unlocks
  • Knee free during swing phase

UTX and E-Knee are not appropriate for all patients. A thorough patient evaluation is required to confirm the strength, range of motion, and coordination required to operate the system. After the fitting process is complete, an intense physical therapy program is needed to ensure that patients receive the full benefit of this technology. These knee joints may not be covered by all insurances.

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