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Prosthetic Programs

Lower Limb Prosthetics

As a prosthetic provider, Mary Free Bed Prosthetics' services include prosthetic evaluations, fabrication, fitting and instruction, adjustments, and repairs. Our prosthetic staff consists of 8 American board-certified practitioners as well as 4 registered technicians who have a combined 75 years of experience in all amputation levels and needs. Our clinical staff provides lower-limb care at the transfemoral, transtibial, Symes, and hip disarticulation levels.

Upper Limb Prosthetics

Mary Free Bed Prosthetics specializes in upper extremity prosthetics care at the partial hand, transradial, transhumeral, and shoulder disarticulation levels. A prosthetics clinician is responsible for recommending a prosthetic device through a full assessment of the amputee’s activities, range of motion, and muscle strength. Depending on the results, either a cable-activated, myoelectric, or cosmetic prosthesis will be prescribed.

Pediatric Prosthetics

Prosthetic clinicians at Mary Free Bed provide care for pediatric prosthetic patients through the Center for Limb Differences. The center provides care to infants, children, and teens with hand, foot, and limb differences.

Prosthetic Clinics

Mary Free Bed Prosthetics specializes in providing care to adult patients through an adult amputee clinic. Pediatric patients may receive care through the Center for Limb Differences clinic.

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