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Computer Access

Access to a computer or computer-related device (palm devices, digital recorders, screen readers, etc.) can offer significant functional gains for many patients. The aim of the Rehab Technology Center's computer evalutation is to identify specific assistive technology solutions or modifications that will enhance lost or limited physical, cognitive, or visual skills. Knowledgeable engineering and therapy staff deliver and set up completed equipment, and train the patient to use it properly.

Computer Access Services Include

  • Evaluation and documentation of need for computer access
  • Trials/simulation with computer/device
  • Insurance prior authorization/funding source assistance
  • Coordination of computer/device purchase
  • Customization of computer/device
  • Computer/device set-up and training 

Who Uses Computer Access Services

Individuals with physical disabilities (both children and adults) who use or could benefit from access to computers or technology devices for completing personal, educational, or job-related tasks

  • Persons who need to improve personal efficiency or enhance writing skills (brain injury, dyslexia, learning disability)
  • Persons who need access to technology to assist with memory and planning skills
  • Persons with acquired vision limitations who need computer access
  • Persons using a wheelchair who need a computer workstation to be accessible

Contact the Rehab Technology Center about Computer Access

616.242.0342 or 800.211.4813


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