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Custom Safety Beds

A safety bed provides a safe area for sleep or play, and allows safe confinement without restraints for agitated or autistic children and adults.

The safety bed is a padded and upholstered enclosure around a mattress that lies on the floor. The enclosure consists of four padded walls, any one of which can be opened for access to the mattress area, making it easier to change sheets and approach to the bed's occupant.

Each bed is custom made to specific mattress specifications, since mattress thickness varies with each manufacturer. The padded walls are notched over the top edge of the mattress to prevent body parts from being caught between the wall and mattress.

Safety beds can be used for:

  • Children and adults with brain injuries and/or agitated behaviors
  • Autistic children who wander and can open locks and fasteners
  • Children and adults with seizure disorders
  • Children and adolescents with cerebral palsy or developmental delays who can climb out of standard or hospital beds and who pose a danger to themselves or family members during the night

Safety Bed Design

A safety bed can be built to fit a twin, double, or queen size mattress of any thickness and have either 4-foot-high or 5-foot-high walls. The height of the walls is measured from the floor, not the mattress top. The bed's mattress is provided by the family. Options for the safety bed include a lexan window in the longest side and a removable mesh cover.

Safety Bed Cost

For a quote, please call:
616.242.0342 or 800.211.4813

Insurance Coverage for Custom Safety Beds

A physician prescription for a custom safety bed is necessary for insurance consideration.  A therapy evaluation to document medical necessity must be completed for insurance approval to be pursued by the Rehab Technology Center Staff.

Contact the Rehab Technology Center about Custom Safety Beds

616.242.0342 or 800.211.4813


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