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Electronic Aids to Daily Living (EADL)

EADLs are devices that allow patients with disabilities enhanced personal independence at home, school, and work. Mary Free Bed's Rehab Technology Center offers EADLs to patients needing additional assistive technology to help them gain independence.

EADL Examples

  • Emergency or attendant call devices
  • Door opening systems
  • Sip/puff or switch operated telephones
  • Remote-controlled lights or fans
  • Remote-controlled audio systems 

These devices may operate by infrared signals, radio frequency, Wi-Fi, or voice control.

Electronic Aids for Daily Living (EADLs) at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital Rehab Technology Center.

EADL Services

  • Evaluation and documentation of need for EADL
  • Equipment trials of EADL (at Mary Free Bed or in the home, if necessary)
  • Insurance prior authorization/funding source assistance
  • Coordination of EADL purchase
  • Customization of EADL
  • EADL setup and home training

Who may benefit from EADLs?

Anyone who is unable to access their environment due to physical or cognitive limitations may benefit from an electronic aid to daily living, especially people who have:

  • Mobility impairments and difficulty operating standard home devices or doors (spinal cord injury, sever arthritis, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy)
  • Limited hand function or fine motor skills
  • Safety concerns when left alone who require a reliable means to call for assistance

Contact the Rehab Technology Center about EADLs

616.242.0342 or 800.211.4813


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