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Custom Wheelchair Seating (OrthoSEAT)

OrthoSEAT stands for Orthotic Seating, Equipment, and Assistive Technology. As a part of the Rehab Technology Center, OrthoSEAT provides high-quality, therapeutically designed wheelchair seating as well as other custom assistive devices. The OrthoSEAT staff of experienced professionals works as a team to serve each patient and promote comfort and optimized wheelchair positioning, thus gaining the most independence and comfort possible.

From the start, the OrthoSEAT staff listens, evaluates, and recommends resources and equipment to meet the needs of patients and their caregivers.

Wheelchair Seating Services Include:

  • Therapeutic mobility evaluations (power and manual mobility devices)
  • Computerized pressure mapping
  • Equipment trials
  • Custom equipment and seating fabrication
  • Wheelchair mobility training
  • Follow-up visits and equipment adjustments

OthoSEAT is not a DME supplier for wheelchair equipment, but we do provide the evaluation and customization of this equipment to maximize its benefits. OrthoSEAT works together with qualified DME suppliers chosen by the patient or insurance provider.

Who Uses OrthoSEAT Services

  • People who need help maintaining good position in their wheelchairs (to prevent lateral leaning, sliding at the hips, or falling forward in the chair)
  • People with skin pressure problems
  • People who experience pain or discomfort in their wheelchair and spend much of their day in this position
  • People whose arm function, breathing, or speech is limited by poor wheelchair posture
  • People requiring customized controls or positioning to safely operate a power wheelchair
  • People who have used catalog or off-the-shelf seating parts without success

Custom Wheelchair Seating Services Explained

To be seen, a patient must first have his or her medical condition evaluated by a physician who writes a prescription or referral for an OrthoSEAT seating evaluation. Seating services are available on site at Mary Free Bed as well as off site throughout West Michigan. Patients best served at their school, home, or healthcare facility can take advantage of OrthoSEAT's mobile unit.

Therapeutic Mobility Evaluation
OthoSEAT's thorough occupational therapy and physical therapy evaluation of mobility and postural support needs takes into account both the patient’s and caregiver’s perspectives. OrthoSEAT's therapists also consider all the environments in which the wheelchair will be used and how it will be transported in a vehicle. Documentation of medical necessity and other cost-effective mobility options is provided to support insurance requests for funding.

Computerized Pressure Mapping
A computerized pressure mapping system assists with cushion design, selection, or decisions related to pressure sores. This system is also helpful to train patients and their caregivers how to do effective pressure relief position changes in the wheelchair.

Wheelchair Mobility Training
OrthoSEAT provides safety training for mobility equipment and custom seating to each patient. Additionally, OrthoSEAT staff ensures that caregivers and school staff are also trained and comfortable with the equipment's features.

Equipment Trials
A variety of manual and power mobility devices are available for patient trial and positioning simulation during the evaluation process.

Custom Equipment and Seating Fabrication
Wheelchair seating solutions may incorporate commercially available components as well as custom-fabricated modifications. Our experienced seating technicians measure each body and build to specific positioning and functional needs. Beyond wheelchairs seating, staff also customize commodes, bath seats, standing devices, and create unique equipment.

Follow-up Visits and Equipment Adjustments
OrthoSEAT's seating technicians realize that as new devices are used, some adjustments may be needed. Patients are encouraged to communicate with the OrthoSEAT staff to ensure products are used to their full functional potential. Technicians are available for continued problem solving as needs change.

OrthoSEAT's Approach to Seating Services

The process of getting a wheelchair and custom seat happens as a caring, problem-solving approach between:

  • The patient
  • OrthoSEAT's staff of therapists and technicians
  • Parents or caregivers
  • School therapists or case managers
  • The physician
  • The insurance company or payor
  • The DME supplier

Information provided by the patient before an evaluation visit can help seating staff obtain appropriate trial equipment and help with decisions during the evaluation. OrthoSEAT's therapists and technicians strive to match each person’s physical and environmental needs to the best mobility options allowable by his or her funding source — then look to maximize posture and comfort for function.


OrthoSEAT's custom seating components are warranted against manufacturing or material defects for a period of six months from the day the patient is issued his or her new system.

Contact the Rehab Technology Center about Custom Wheelchair Seating

616.242.0342 or 800.211.4813


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