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Child & Adolescent Treatment Team

Your child’s rehabilitation team is a group of professionals who work together with you, your child or teen, and your family to meet your child’s individual needs. Please feel comfortable speaking with any members of your child’s treatment team when you have questions or concerns.

Admission Coordinator

The pediatric admission coordinator works with the family and physician to plan your child’s admission to Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital.

Child Life Specialist

The child life specialist uses play and other techniques to help your child or teenager cope with changes in health and functioning, medical procedures, hospitalization, and separation from parents.

Driver Rehabilitation

A specialist from the Driver Rehabilitation Program is available to assess transportation needs, vehicle modifications, or, if appropriate, your teenager's driving abilities.

Family Members

Family members, along with your child, are integral members of the treatment team and help with goal setting and planning for the return home. Family members are invaluable sources of information and are encouraged to participate at least weekly with nursing and therapies throughout your child’s stay.

Insurance/Rehabilitation Case Manager

Some insurance companies assign a rehabilitation nurse, case manager, or claims specialist to monitor and to ensure that reasonable and appropriate services are provided to your baby, child, or teen. While this person is not an employee of Mary Free Bed, he or she works closely with you, the rest of your family, and the rehabilitation team in establishing an appropriate discharge plan for your child and adolescent.

Nursing Patient Care Director

The nursing patient care director oversees the administrative and direct patient care aspects of nursing care provided to Mary Free Bed's pediatric patients.

Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse with advanced training and skills to detect and manage various medical conditions. The nurse practitioner provides medical care along with the rehabilitation doctor.

Nutrition Services/Dietician

Your child's dietician completes a comprehensive nutritional screening and assessment and makes recommendations for sufficient oral and/or tube feeding calories and nutrients needed for normal growth. Nutrition Services works with nursing, therapists, and your child's doctor in addressing the medical nutrition therapy needs of your child.


Mary Free Bed orthotists specialize in designing and making customized braces and splints and are consulted as needed.

Occupational Therapists

An occupational therapist is primarily involved in strengthening and in improving coordination of the arms and upper body of your child or teenager. The occupational therapist helps your loved one with activities of daily living (ADLs), such as eating, drinking, dressing, and bathing, as well as addressing any visual difficulties. The occupational therapist also helps with your child or teen's return to safe functioning within the community.

Pastoral Care

A chaplain is available to meet with patients and families to address spiritual care, and may help arrange for services from a particular denomination, if desired.


Each patient has unique rehabilitation needs. Patient participation in the treatment program is critical to the outcome of the rehabilitation program.

Physiatrist (Rehabilitation Doctor)

Your child or teen's physiatrist coordinates and oversees all aspects of his or her rehabilitation program. The physiatrist sees your child at regular intervals and consults additional medical specialists, as necessary.

Physical Therapists

The physical therapist assesses your child's or teenager's balance, muscle tone and flexibility, endurance, strength, coordination, and ability to move about in his or her environment. A treatment program is then designed to meet your loved one's individual needs. The physical therapist may also help with evaluating equipment needs.

Program Director

The program director oversees administrative functions of Mary Free Bed's Child & Adolescent Program, including program evaluation, program development, quality improvement, accreditation, and budgeting.

Program Supervisor

The program supervisor provides direct supervision to Child & Adolescent Program therapy staff in the day-to-day provision of services to pediatric patients and their families, and assists the program director with program development and evaluation and quality improvement activities.


The psychologist addresses cognitive (thinking) skills as well as emotional and behavioral adjustment. On the basis of an interview, observation, and specific tests, the psychologist provides recommendations regarding school re-entry. In addition, the psychologist will address any emotional coping difficulties or behavioral adjustment problems that your child may be experiencing. This can be done through individual and/or group psychotherapy and a behavioral management program, if needed.

Rehabilitation Nurses

The rehabilitation nursing team consists of RNs, LPNs, and nursing assistants who provide 24-hour care to your child. They are specifically trained in rehabilitation needs of children and adolescents. One RN will be assigned as a primary case nurse to help coordinate all nursing care for your child.

School Teacher

A certified teacher coordinates school work with the home classroom and provides academic instruction when your child is ready. Services may be contracted through the Grand Rapids Public School District or provided by your child or teen’s home school district. An average of two hours per week of instruction is provided.

Social Worker

The social worker becomes the family's primary contact person once your child is admitted. The social worker meets with you, other family members, and your child or teenager to provide individual and family counseling, family education, help with discharge planning. Your social worker also helps identify community resources. The social worker is the key communicator between your child, family, physician, team members, and insurance representatives.

Speech-Language Pathologist

The speech-language pathologist is responsible for the evaluation and treatment of all areas of communication, cognition, and swallowing. These areas include:the ability to understand others, to express ideas clearly, and to swallow safely. The speech pathologist will also participate in treating cognitive problems, such as attention, memory, problem-solving and organization.

Therapeutic Recreation Specialist

The recreation therapist provides therapy to improve your child’s social and leisure skills, to explore ways to resume former recreational activities, and to introduce new leisure options.

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