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Advanced Management of Pediatric Spasticity Program (AMPS)

Offering comprehensive expert care for children with spasticity

The Advanced Management of Pediatric Spasticity Program (AMPS) is a collaborative partnership between participating physicians and disciplines at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital and Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital. Both hospitals are passionate about providing exceptional care to children. Due to the complexity involved in spasticity management, it is essential to use a program that offers the depth of professionals that the Advanced Management of Pediatric Spasticity Program can offer.

AMPS Services

The AMPS program uses a team approach, in which each member has expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric spasticity.

AMPS Evaluation Includes

Pdiatric spasticity program at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital.

  • The child’s ability to function with daily activities
  • The degree of spasticity and exact location
  • The condition causing the spasticity
  • Other tone or muscle movement disorders
  • Underlying muscle strength and control
  • Parent and child’s goals for treatment

Personalized Spasticity Improvement Goals May Include

  • Improved ability to participate in daily activities
  • Improved walking
  • Improved comfort, ease of care, and/or positioning
  • Improved prevention of muscle contractures

Who Uses These AMPS Services

Patients who are appropriate for the AMPS program are children who are ambulatory and need advanced management of their spasticity through:

  • Selective dorsal rhizotomy
  • Intrathecal baclofen pump
  • Multilevel orthopaedic surgeries
  • Complex Botox® treatments with serial casting
  • Motion Analysis Center

Additional AMPS Services

Motion Analysis Center
The evaulation from the Motion Analysis Center provides a comprehensive description of how the child's body moves during walking, compared to age-appropriate normal walking patterns. State-of-the art technology is used to objectively measure complex joint movements, muscle activity patterns, and forces acting on the child's body during walking.The referring physician receives a detailed written report with a video of the patient walking during the evaluation. The report gives the pediatric patient's treatment team information on the impact of tone problems, muscle contractures, and bone deformities on walking, as well as recommendations for treatment interventions.

An orthotist assists with the fitting of orthoses that support and/or brace joints to assist with walking or other activity. The orthoses may also help to stretch muscles through prolonged positioning.

Physical Therapy
The physical therapist evaluates passive range of motion, functional skills, strength, and ability.The goal of ongoing therapy is to help children with spasticity to be as functional as possible.

Nursing/Case Coordination
The nurse facilitates education and patient plan of care within the AMPS treatment team.This person is also skilled in ongoing spasticity care, including intrathecal baclofen treatment.

Meet the AMPS Physician Team

Amanda Ayala
Philip Nowicki

Nancy Dodge, MD

Assessment and treatment of children with developmental delays, developmental disabilities, or chronic conditions affecting physical or emotional development, behavior, or learning.

Steve DeRoos, MD

Treatment of disorders of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves in the spine and extremities.


Surgical treatment of the brain, spinal cord, and the nerves in the spine and extremities.

Dayle Maples, MD
Mike Forness, MD

Medical or surgical management of complications with the bones or joints.

Andrea Kuldanek, MD
AJ Rush, MD

Manage overall physical function of a patient with emphasis on maintaining the highest level of functioning and comfort and maximize independence through the use of therapy and/or medical equipment, orthotics, or prosthetics.

Contact the Advanced Management of Pediatric Spasticity Program

To make a referral to the AMPS Program or for more information about advanced management of pediatric spasticiy, please contact the Triage Center at:

616.242.0393 or 800.790.8040



Spasticity Triage Center
Mary Free Bed Clinic
235 Wealthy SE, Grand Rapids, MI 

Outpatient Referral Form


  • Face sheet with demographics
  • Recent history and physical
  • Any information from specialist focused on spasticity (orthopedics, neurology, physiatry, physical therapy)
  • Radiology reports (MRI, CT, X-rays)
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