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Achieve Your Personal Best


Do you want to have a psychological edge over your opponent?

Do you want to be better and more consist than your opponent in remaining determined, confident, focused, and in control under pressure?

Without mental toughness, you may find that your hours of practice aren't showing up on game day. The pressure of competition interferes with your ability to do your best. You lose games you “should" have won then your motivation drops.


Would you like to get the most out of your athletes in every practice and every game?

Would you like to teach athletes to give full effort at all times?

Do you model for your athletes the mental toughness needed to win?

Your athletes depend on you to teach them the mental game as well as develop their physical skills.

Are you prepared for that challenge?

It's difficult to balance your stress and energy during the season. Without balance, your leadership can suffer.


Do you want your child to excel on both the playing field and in the classroom?

Would you like to see better sportsmanship in youth sport?

Would you like to maximize your child's athletic development and help them reach their full potential?

We want the best for our kids, but without specific and qualified direction, our child-athletes are left to figure out how to succeed on their own. Or worse, they can get the wrong message from well-intentioned, but untrained role-models who prioritize winning over development. Too often, caring parents push their kids too far when trying to help.

The Performance Excellence Center Can Help

Imagine a critical moment in the championship game. You are narrowly focused on what you need to do and confident in your ability to do it. That's mental toughness.

Imagine your team working together in each practice, striving to be better as individuals and as a unit. They see the obstacles of sport as their next challenge to overcome, as do you. That's excellence in coaching.

Interactive workshops provide teams and large groups practical skills that they can apply in their next practice or game.

Dr. Eddie O'Connor, Sport Psychologist

Over the last 15 years, Dr. Eddie has helped athletes and coaches at all levels achieve excellence in their sport. He has spent his life helping others achieve their very best in sport, health, personal, and professional lives. As a certified consultant through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology and Member of the American Psychological Association Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology, Dr. Eddie has the training and experience to help you reach your potential consistently.

Dr. Eddie is listed on the U.S. Olympic Committee Sport Psychology Registry, which means he is approved by the USOC to work with Olympic athletes and teams. Let Dr. Eddie assist you in your quest for excellence.

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