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Dr. Eddie and the Performance Excellence Center in the Media

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Print: (2013, December 7) Quoted in Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel article Psychologists ponder play of Packers without Aaron Rodgers by Tom Silverstein

Radio: SIRIUS Doctor Radio Channel 81 (2012, December 5). Bullying in sports. 30 minute interview.

Print: (2013, June 6) Quoted in Runner’s World article Wins and Losses regarding the Boston Marathon bombing :

Radio: 1320 WILS (2013, April 29). The impact of Jason Collins coming out on team dynamics. Capital City Recap with Michael Cohen.

TV: FOX-17 Morning News (2013, April 16). Coping with the Boston marathon bombing with Mike Avery and Sarah Brodhead (2013, March 19) Quoted in The psychology of a win streak regarding the Miami Heat by Scott Howard-Cooper

Print: Quoted in GR Press article (2013, March 10). The pain of fibromyalgia. (2013, March 7).  Live chat: Honeymoon over with River Bank Run training? Sports psychologist Eddie O'Connor ready to help with host Peter Wallner

FIGHTLAND: (2013, March 6) Quoted in The psychology of submitting. Blog by Mike Bebernes

Radio: NEWSRADIO WOOD-1300 AM (2013, February 14). When love and sports collide. West Michigan’s Morning News with Gary Allen and Steve Kelly.

Radio: NEWSRADIO WOOD-1300 AM (2013, January 21). Psychology of lying (Reaction to Manti T’eo and Lance Armstrong). West Michigan’s Morning News with Gary Allen and Steve Kelly.

TV: FOX-17 News at 5 (2012, November 26). Meditation: The secret to happiness with Tim Doty & Michele DeSelmes.

TV: FOX-17 News at 5 (2012, November 12). Dealing with self esteem in youth sport with Tim Doty & Michele DeSelmes.

Mental Toughness: The X-Factor in Sport and Life
GRCCtv [4/4/13]

Does “Redshirting” Kids Make Better Athletes?
Fox-17 WXMI News [11/12/12]

Dealing with Self-Esteem in Youth
Fox-17 WXMI News at 5 [11/12/12]

Focus on Focusing
Fox-17 WXMI News at 5 [9/17/12]

Self Evaluations
Fox-17 WXMI News at 5 [9/03/12]

Living in the Moment
Fox-17 WXMI News at 5 [8/20/12]

Penn State Reaction From Psychologist Dr. Eddie O'Connor
Fox-17 WXMI News at 5 [7/23/12]

Hurts So Good: How Much Pain Your Exercise Should Really Involve
Bliss Tree [7/06/12]

Why No Pain No Gain Is All B.S.
Bliss Tree [7/05/2012]

The Power of Convictions
Fox-17 WXMI News at 5 [6/13/12]

Disabled Athletes Compete in Riverbank Run
Fox-17 WXMI News at 5 [5/14/12]

Super Hero Psychology
Fox-17 WXMI News at 5 [4/30/12]

Fox-17 WXMI News at 5 [4/16/12]

Thrill Seekers
Fox-17 WXMI News at 5 [4/2/12]

Understanding March Madness Upsets
Fox-17 WXMI News at 5 [3/19/12]

Losing a Game
Fox-17 WXMI News at 5 [3/7/12]

What did the Super Bowl teach you?
Fox-17 WXMI News at 5 [2/6/12]

Fan Violence
Fox-17 WXMI News at 5 [1/23/12]

Learning How to Win
Fox-17 WXMI News at 5 [1/9/12]

Keeping New Year's Resolutions
eightWest on WOOD TV [12/30/11]

Dealing with Stress During the Holidays
The One Seven on Fox-17 WXMI [12/12/11]

Staying in Emotional Control
The One Seven on Fox-17 WXMI [11/28/11]

Raising Well-Rounded Kids 
FOX-17 News: FOX Focus [11/16/11]

Signs of Child Abuse
The One Seven on Fox-17 WXMI [11/14/11]

Reality Check on My Fantasy Man [11/13/11]

Playoff Beards and Underwear Streaks: What are Your Tigers Superstitions? [10/7/11]

What the Tigers are Thinking for the Win-or-Go-Home Game 5 of the ALDS
Newsradio WOOD-1300 AM [10/6/11]

Why Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work 
FOX-17 News at 5 with Tim Doty and Lindsay Kus [9/19/11]

Eddie O’Connor, Game Changer
Binghamton University Magazine [Summer 2011]

How to Develop a Young Athlete - Interview with SportPartnersUSA
The One Seven on Fox-17 WXMI  [8/18/11]

Diana Nyad's Cuba-to-U.S. Swim Has Lessons for Us All
Los Angeles Times [8/10/11]

Pursuing Your Dreams: The Power of Choice
The One Seven on Fox-17 WXMI [8/8/1]

Pursuing Your Dreams: Tips for Success
The One Seven on Fox-17 WXMI [7/25/11]

The Importance of Mistakes
The One Seven on Fox-17 WXMI [7/1/11]

Golf Mental Toughness Tips
The One Seven on Fox-17 WXMI [6/24/11]

Dr. Eddie Answers Viewers' Questions on a Segment of Ask the Expert
The One Seven on FOX-17 WXMI [06/13/11]

Importance of Recovery for Athletes
The One Seven on FOX-17 WXMI [05/30/11]

Finding Balance in the Imbalance
The One Seven on FOX-17 WXMI [05/16/11]

Tips for How Parents can Appropriately Coach their Children
The One Seven on FOX-17 WXMI [05/12/11]

How to Push Your Child (Without Overdoing It)
The One Seven on FOX-17 WXMI [05/12/11]

Fifth Third River Bank Run Tips
Fifth Third River Bank Run Podcast [05/11]

Gettings Kids into School Sports 
The One Seven on FOX-17 WXMI [04/18/11]

Parenting Tips for an Athlete's Mom and Dad
Athlete's Audio [04/15/11

Dr. Eddie Hosts The One Seven where he interviews Dr. Jim Hudson and Gives River Bank Run Tips
The One Seven on FOX-17 WXMI [04/11/11]

Dealing with Stress when Things Out of Our Control Affect Us
The One Seven on FOX-17 WXMI [04/04/11]

Fame, Success, and Envy
The One Seven on FOX-17 WXMI [04/04/11]

What Super Powers do you Want? 
The One Seven on FOX-17 WXMI [03/21/11]

Mental Training Tips for Athletes
Athlete's Audio [02/24/11]

Why the US Fails to Produce the Next Big Thing
ESPN [02/23/11]

How West Michigan Psychologist Helps Athletes Become Mentally Tough
Grand Rapids Press [01/31/11]

Peek into the Longhorn Psyche, If You Dare - How to Explain the Four-Game Streak?
It's Psychology, or Maybe Math [11/19/10]

Youth Sports: Focus on Parents
eightWest on WOOD TV [10/1/10]

Is It Ever Okay to Cry in Public?
Grand Rapids Press [6/28/10]

Grand Rapids' Eddie O'Connor pitches new talk show as part of Oprah Winfrey Network contest
Grand Rapids Press[6/11/10]

Local Doctor on Oprah's List: Dr. Eddie May Get His Own Show
eightWest on WOOD TV [6/18/10]

Getting Parents to Behave at Games
Fox-17 WXMI [5/19/10]

Sports More Than Just a Physical Challenge
Columbia Chronicle [4/19/10]

Can Tiger Master the Masters?
FOX-17 WXMI [3/18/10]

Tiger Woods Returning to Golf
WZZM [3/15/10]

Dodgeball: Why Adults Play Kid's Games, Part 1
FOX-17 WXMI  [3/8/10]

Dodgeball: Why Adults Play Kid's Games, Part 2
FOX-17 WXMI  [3/8/10]

Helicopter Parents Ruin Sports for Many
Fox-17 WXMI [3/2/10]

The X Factor: Mental Toughness and Soccer
eightWest on WOOD TV [3/4/10]

Successful Sports Parenting tips: “Pressure to Perform”
Grand Rapids Family Magazine [10/09]

Fans and Players Get Ready for a New Season
Traverse City Record-Eagle [9/12/09]

Do More With Less: Preparing for the Unknown Season
Basketball Coaches Association of Michigan [9/09]

Psychological Implications of the Lions going 0-16
The Big Show with Michael Patrick Shiels [8/31/09]

More Mental Toughness Tips for Your Golf Game
Fox-17 WXMI [6/19/09]

Oft-burned Spartans Fans Embrace Success Warily
Grand Rapids Press [4/4/09]

Tips for Your Golf Game
Fox-17 WXMI [4/3/09]

Detroit Lions Must Find a way to Make the Fans Care Again
Grand Rapids Press [12/30/08]

Doctor's Orders: Lions Fans Should Stay Optimistic
Grand Rapids Press [12/27/08]

Getting Through the Lions' Losing Streak
Fox-17 WXMI [12/14/08]

Inside the Lions’ Mind (How to Stop a Losing Streak)
News Radio WOOD 1300 [11/08]

Dealing with the Pressures of Winning and Losing: State Champion East Grand Rapids and the Detroit Lions
Fox-17 WXMI [11/08]

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