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Spinal Cord Injury Peer Support

“Where do I go from here?”
“How will I be able to be a parent to my kids again?”
“What does my spinal cord injury mean for my family?”
“What can I expect in the future?”

If you've had a spinal cord injury, chances are you have a lot of questions. Mary Free Bed's CARF-accredited Spinal Cord Injury Program provides exposure to others who have similar injuries. Not only will you meet other inpatients with spinal cord injuries, you will also encounter many former patients with spinal cord injuries who are continuing with their outpatient therapy sessions, or returning for other appointments. Many of these patients provide peer support to Mary Free Bed's current inpatients with spinal cord injuries.

In addition to daily therapies, patients will participate in one-to-one meetings, or group discussions during in-house lunch and dinners, as well as community outings. Former Mary Free Bed patients who have sustained a spinal cord injury return for peer support dinners on the second Wednesday of each month for an informal dinner to discuss their experiences living with spinal cord injury, and to give out tips, ideas, and advice for current inpatients. Mary Free Bed's Spinal Cord Injury Program also offers a Spinal Cord Injury Support Group, which is open to spinal cord injury inpatients, outpatients, and their significant others, that meets once a quarter.

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