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Adjustments with Spinal Cord Injury

Adjusting to changes in life after a spinal cord injury is an important part of rehabilitation. Everyone is unique, and there's no right or wrong way to deal with a spinal cord injury. Most use the same strategies and techniques to cope with their injury that they've used to cope with other events in their lives.

At first, most spinal cord injury patients have a hard time really believing what's happened. It's normal to think that maybe the doctors are wrong, or that there may be some procedure that's been overlooked that would help you recover from your spinal cord injury completely. The truth is, there are cases where people have regained more function than expected. It's very hard, especially soon after a spinal cord injury, to predict exactly how you'll be affected. No one is telling you to give up all hope.

What we are asking you to do is try to adjust to, not necessarily accept, the impact of your spinal cord injuries. Adjusting means finding ways to work around the changes caused by a spinal cord injury. It may mean using a wheelchair or other adaptive equipment. It involves learning different ways to do things.

Our goal is to help you learn to be in control of your life, and for you to be as independent as possible. While most people focus only on physical issues after a spinal cord injury, the Mary Free Bed staff is also concerned with your emotional well-being.

Your Mary Free Bed spinal cord injury rehab team wants you to benefit as much as possible from your rehabilitation. But, you should know, you're the most important person on the team.

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