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Family Involvement During Your Spinal Cord Injury Recovery

Your family and friends are a significant part of your life. Their support and encouragement are important, and you'll be asked how much you would like their active participation in your spinal cord injury care and therapy.

At times, limits may be set in terms of the length, or the timing of your family and friends' visits, or of the observation of your spinal cord injury therapies. These limits are only imposed to make sure that you receive timely personal care, adequate rest, and one-to-one attention of the therapists.

With advance notice, families or friends are welcome to observe and participate in therapies.  During this time, they can receive adequate information and training so they are able to take you out of the hospital on passes. These arrangements may be made through your social worker, who can also arrange family conferences with other members of the treatment team. The social worker can also assist your family and friends in dealing with their emotions, and reactions to what has happened to you.

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