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After a Stroke You can Regain Muscle Activity with Biofeedback

It’s common for your arms and legs to move in unusual ways after a stroke. Mary Free Bed’s Biofeedback Laboratory for Neuromuscular Re-education is one of the few facilities in the Midwest to offer biofeedback therapy for those who have had a stroke and need to re-train muscles to move more naturally.

How Biofeedback Works

The concept of biofeedback is often compared to looking into a mirror and watching yourself move an arm or leg. By watching your limbs move the way you want them to, you give yourself visual reinforcement – or biofeedback. While biofeedback at Mary Free Bed takes that concept much further, it’s a therapy that helps correct muscle action so you're better able to function following your stroke.

Biofeedback Services

To make an appointment with our Biofeedback Lab, you’ll need a prescription from your doctor.

Comprehensive Evaluation
A physical or occupational therapist assesses your upper and lower extremity function, functional activities, balance, and gait.

Individualized Care Plan
According to your goals and findings from your evaluation, your therapist determines the appropriate therapeutic steps for optimal recovery of function.

Biofeedback Training Sessions
During a biofeedback session, therapists place wire electrodes over the muscles that are working improperly, or not at all. When you move the muscle, an electrical signal passes from the electrode to an attached computer monitor. From this signal, an image is produced on the monitor, giving you reinforcement. Using a range of visual and audio cues, biofeedback helps your brain reconnect with parts of your body it wasn’t communicating with before. The feedback, combined with behavioral techniques, helps you re-educate your muscles.

Communication With Therapy Services
For continuity in your treatment, your biofeedback therapists ensure your other therapy services receive your care plan.

Contact Mary Free Bed's Biofeedback Lab for Neuromuscular Re-education

For more information or to make a referral, please contact the Biofeedback Lab.

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