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Keeping You Safe at Home After Your Stroke

Whether you, or your loved one, is currently an inpatient or living at home, Mary Free Bed can help with a home evaluation. Following your stroke, your living space may need some modifications to safely access your home's rooms and environmental controls for daily living activities, such as bathing, cooking, sleeping, and being with your family.

Areas that may be looked at during a home evaluation:

  • What is the housing type (home, apartment, condominium)?
  • How many levels are in your house (ranch, two-story, tri-level)?
  • What is the area layout? Is it rural or urban? Are there sidewalks? Is there a garage, carport, or open area?
  • Is the area around the home accessible?
  • How many entrances are there to the home? Are any of them covered?
  • Do the entrances to the home have steps? How many? Are there handrails?
  • How wide are all of the doors to the home (entrances and interior rooms)?
  • Are the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room, and any hallways accessible with a wheelchair or walker?
  • How accessible are the light switches, outlets, phones, temperature controls, and windows?
  • Are there working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors?
  • Are there any equipment needs?
  • If equipment is needed in the home, will the equipment fit?

For More Information on Home Evaluations

Contact the Stroke Program at Mary Free Bed if you have questions or want to make a referral for a home evaluation.

616.242.0396 or 800.305.8893


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