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The Pain Center

Your pain is real, and it may have put your life on hold. Your suffering may have increased because you can no longer engage in the things that you value the most. Pain treatments such as surgeries, medication, and rest may have become your priority. This leaves no room for family, friends, church, work, or recreation. The Pain Center at Mary Free Bed can help.


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The Pain Center Services

We take a rehabilitation approach that targets improvement in the areas of life you value the most. We will teach you skills to respond differently to your pain – reducing the pain you can and managing the rest. The goal is to return you to a full and productive life. The Pain Center has a team of specialists in the areas of medical, nursing, psychological, and physical and occupational therapy to assist you. To meet your needs and goals, our therapies are patient-centered and flexible in time and duration.

Services include

Pain Program: An 10-week multidisciplinary program that emphasizes restoring you to the highest level of functioning while managing your chronic pain. Treatment typically occurs 2-3 times per week in a supportive and challenging environment.

Headache Program: A comprehensive program that integrates current medical management with physical therapy and health psychology to identify and address the triggers that may cause or worsen your headaches. This 10-week program teaches pain and stress management skills to improve your quality of life and functioning.

Fibromyalgia Program: In addition to the pain, patients with fibromyalgia syndrome also struggle with fatigue, and have been found to be more sensitive to stress. Our 10-week multidisciplinary program addresses the special needs of this population to restore them to a full, and productive life.

Pain & Health Psychology: Our medical psychologists understand the link between physical and emotional health. Using an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) approach, they emphasize identification of what you value most in life, and assist the daily living of those values. Skills are taught to overcome barriers such as depression, anxiety, pain, or other chronic illnesses.

Biofeedback: Stress and tension are often major contributors to both headache and chronic pain conditions.Through the use of biofeedback technology, your individual intensity level can be monitored. Relaxation skills are taught, and your progress in intensity regulation is recorded and fed back to you to assist learning. Relaxation techniques promote healing and improve sleep. They can take the edge off pain by reducing the physical contributors to the pain problem, such as muscle tension and decreased circulation.

Physical Therapy: The Pain Center's physical therapists understand the difference between acute and chronic pain.They know when to encourage, and when to pace your activity. For those who do not need a full program, we have physical therapy services to treat your headaches (e.g., postural correction, stretching) and improve your level of physical activity.

Who Uses These Services

  • Those who continue to have pain beyond the normal healing process
  • Those whose pain has not responded to treatment
  • Those who experience a functional decline related to their pain problems – inability to return to work or school or difficulty in carrying out daily activities
  • Those who experience depression or anxiety because of their pain
  • Those who overuse medications, particularly opioids
  • Those seeking a drug-free alternative to their pain problem
  • Those whose pain has taken away their quality of life and want it back

The Pain Center Patient Stories

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