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Lokomat®Pro, Robot-Assisted Walking Therapy

Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital is the first hospital in West Michigan – and one of only a few in the Midwest – to provide patients treatment with a Lokomat Pro.

The Lokomat Pro is a sophisticated, robot-assisted technology designed to help injured children and adults regain their ability to walk. It uses a special treadmill equipped with robotic “legs” for patients with spinal cord, brain, stroke, or other neurological injuries “remember” the pattern of walking again.

Research shows that patients who receive this type of repetitive, automated walking therapy have a better chance of recovery.

How it Works

Patients are supported by a harness over a treadmill with braces attached to their legs. A computer customizes the pace of walking and the amount of bodyweight, which is supported by the Lokomat Pro.

A video screen is available for patients as they walk through video game-like settings with real-time feedback. This component fosters greater engagement with the therapy.

Lokomat Pro Patient Stories

Told he’d never walk again, Bob is back on his feet. Read Bob's story.

Horseback riding accident leaves competitor with spinal cord injury. Read Alice's story.

Mary was in an automobile accident that left her with a severe spinal cord injury. Read Mary's story.

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