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Orthopedic Rehabilitation Knee Pain Shoulder PainA musculoskeletal injury or condition can affect your life in many ways. Pain in your bones and muscles can mean short- and long-term problems, including pain, missed work days and a loss of freedom to enjoy the activities that enrich your life. Chronic pain, disability, deconditioning and dependence can become problems in the long term.

Our mission at the Orthopedic Rehabilitation Center at Mary Free Bed is to help you achieve a greater level of physical functioning and live a life with less pain.

We treat patients suffering from a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions:

• Deconditioning
• Elbow and hand injuries
• Knee pain
• Ligamentous and tendinous injury
• Rehabilitation after total joint replacement and other orthopedic surgery
• Shoulder pain

We specialize in:

River Valley Orthopedic physician rehabilitation programs
• Post-operative physical therapy protocols
Sports medicine
• General orthopedics
• Performing art/dance therapy
Return to Work occupational therapy programs
Hand therapy
• Custom orthosis/splinting

Below, you’ll find overviews of some of the services we provide in our Orthopedic Rehabilitation Center.


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Physical Therapy Evaluation

A licensed physical therapist will thoroughly review your health and orthopedic histories. The exam helps your therapist identify the treatments that will be most effective to restore and enhance injured and dysfunctional tissues. Your therapist will focus on helping you regain functional ability to perform activities important to you.

Manual Therapy and Therapeutic Exercise

Our staff have training in specific exercise and therapy techniques to enhance your rehabilitation. This includes manual therapy, a hands-on treatment that may include massage and joint mobilization. There are also therapeutic exercises to provide stimulus to heal damaged tissue.

McKenzie Method® and Feldenkrais Method®

We use the evidence-based McKenzie and Feldenkrais methods to help you understand the cause and biomechanical cure of your orthopedic injuries. These innovative therapies empower your recovery while providing reliable and rapid recovery of function.

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists

Whether you’re recovering from a shoulder injury or you’re a high school athlete interested in enhancing your athletic performance, the staff at the Orthopedic Rehabilitation Center is credentialed to provide strength and conditioning exercise for all ages, injuries and goals.

Therapeutic Modalities

Depending on your injury, a range of therapeutic modalities may be used to enhance the effects of manual therapy and therapeutic exercise. Modalities may include application of hot or cold packs, massage, ultrasound and electrical stimulation, among others.