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Sports Psychology Dr. Eddie O'Connor Performance Excellence Center in Grand RapidsDr. Eddie O’Connor helps athletes, coaches and parents of athletes to achieve their goals and fulfill their potential. Dr. Eddie has spent the past 15 years helping athletes and coaches at all levels to achieve excellence in their sport, health, personal and professional lives.

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About Dr. Eddie
Dr. Eddie is listed on the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) Sport Psychology Registry, meaning he’s approved by the USOC to work with Olympic athletes and teams. AASP_logo_4c_spotAs a certified consultant and Fellow through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology and Member of the American Psychological Association Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology, Dr. Eddie has the training and experience necessary to help you consistently reach your potential.

Scott Woodruff, general manager for the Grand Rapids Rampage, said this of his experience with Dr. Eddie:

The Grand Rapids Rampage contracted with Dr. Eddie O’Connor during the 2007 Arena Football League season. Our objectives were to help our players become more mentally tough by learning to focus and re-focus, and by learning to overcome adversity.

Dr. O’Connor made a weekly presentation to our team, tailoring each lesson based on the situation we faced that particular week (record, opponent, injuries, etc.). In addition, Dr. O’Connor made himself accessible at practice and games.

The results were terrific!

Our players found Dr. O’Connor’s instruction very practical and easy to apply. Moreover, our coaches learned lessons that allowed them to reinforce what Dr. O’Connor taught.

Based on my experience working with Dr. O’Connor I strongly recommend you give serious consideration to hiring him.

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