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Sports Psychologist Dr Eddie O'Connor Grand Rapids

Sport psychologist Dr. Eddie O’Connor offers a variety of programs and services catered to your goals and needs.

Below you’ll find examples of the programs and services we provide, plus videos, testimonials and other helpful information designed to help you reach your potential.

Mental Toughness Workshop

Mental toughness is the natural or developed psychological edge that enables you to be better and more consistent than your opponent in remaining:

• Determined
• Focused
• Confident
• In control under pressure

Mental toughness allows you to perform to your potential. You can develop the skills necessary to play your best with the game on the line, and do so time and again.

Learn more about mental toughness: Subscribe to the Mental Toughness newsletter and watch Dr. Eddie’s Mental Toughness lecture to students at Grand Rapids Community College.

Below are comments from athletes who have completed the Mental Toughness workshop:

“(The workshop) was really motivating. It made me think about my personal goals and how I want to perform better. (Workshop attendees) are going to learn valuable information that (will) benefit you as an athlete.” – Valarie James, GVSU sprinter

“(During my next practice or meet, I will be) more confident and also that although I have negative thoughts it won’t change my physical outcome.” – Jon Manby, GVSU long distance

“I gained a lot form this experience. I’m not familiar with sport psychology and I understand, now, a lot that goes into the mental capacity of an athlete … LISTEN TO EVERYTHING!!” – Stephanie McCarthy, GVSU Hurdles

Services For Athletes

Imagine a critical moment in the championship game. You are narrowly focused on what you need to do and confident in your ability to do it. That’s mental toughness and it’s essential for succeeding in sport and in life.

Without mental toughness, you may find your hours of practice aren’t showing up on game day. The pressure of competition can interfere with your ability to do your best. You may lose games you “should” have won and experience a drop in motivation.

Dr. Eddie helps athletes at all levels cultivate mental toughness and build skills like determination, confidence, focus and control under pressure.

“Very helpful when dealing with injury.” – Karie McDonald, Grand Valley State University (GVSU) athlete

Services For Coaches

Imagine your team working together in each practice, striving to be better as individuals and as a unit. They see the obstacles of sport as their next challenge to overcome, as do you. That’s excellence in coaching.

Your athletes depend on you to teach them the mental game as well as develop their physical skills. Dr. Eddie helps you prepare for the challenge of teaching your athletes both the mental and physical aspects of sport success.

“Outstanding.” – Ray Williams, assistant coach for track and field at GVSU

Services For Parents

We want the best for our kids, but without specific and qualified direction our child-athletes are left to figure out how to succeed on their own. Or worse, they can get the wrong message from well-intentioned but untrained role models who prioritize winning over development. Too often, caring parents push their kids too far when trying to help.

Dr. Eddie identifies your child’s goals and teaches the skills necessary to achieve them. As a parent, you can be involved and learn parenting skills that enhance your child’s development and achievement. Interactive workshops provide teams and large groups practical skills to apply in practices and at game time.

“Great information…enlightening.” – Scott Chavez, father of 3 high school athletes

What Others Say About Dr. Eddie

We appreciate feedback from those who seek Dr. Eddie’s services. Below are examples of client testimonials:

“Be prepared to learn something great.” – Danielle Christensen, Grand Valley State University (GVSU) hurdler

“Your principles helped us stay engaged and focused during contests; and we were also able to silence our own doubts and anxieties. In essence, we were able to stay out of our own way and achieve what we knew we could. Thank you for being such an excellent teacher. We look forward to working with you again.” – Lumumba Shabazz, Head Coach, Kalamazoo College Men’s Soccer

“Awesome. (The impact) will help me be more prepared for my race.” – Shaylee Vanderbaan, GVSU, 5K

“The results were terrific! Our players found Dr. O’Connor’s instruction very practical and easy to apply. Moreover, our coaches learned lessons that allowed them to reinforce what Dr. O’Connor taught. Based on my experience working with Dr. O’Connor I strongly recommend you give serious consideration to hiring him.” – Scott Woodruff, general manager, Grand Rapids Rampage

“Overall, (the workshop was) very positive, good points of discussion. (If you are thinking of attending one of Dr. Eddie’s events) take the opportunity, (it) can really help change your view of your own thoughts. (I expect I will) improve my mental thoughts before racing as well as practice (which is) key.” – Lynsey Ardingo, GVSU, 5K/10K

“(The workshop) was great and I learned about an entirely different aspect of my sport. (I expect his information will) make me a more prepared and relaxed runner and competitor.” – Scotty McKeel, GVSU, 800-1500 meter runner

“A lot of good info for any athlete.” – Xavier Parnell, GVSU, 200/100 meters

“Way fun! You kept me interested.” – Arianne, high school track, 800m

“Amazing. More in-depth and personal than I had anticipated.” – Lainie David, high school high jump and 60/300m hurdles athlete

“The best workshop I ever went to.” – Chris Fry, sport parent

“Great content, great presenter and I got a ton out of it.” – Ellie DenBraber, high school volleyball athlete

When asked, “What would you tell someone thinking of attending Dr. O’Connor’s workshop?” athletes responded:

“DO IT!!” – Michael Skinner, 3K/5K

“Take it serious and take notes!” – Marc Salo, GVSU, short sprints

Letters of Recommendation

Below are letters of recommendation provided by a variety of professionals.

CEU Concepts
Grand Rapids Christian High School
Grand Rapids Rampage
Kalamazoo College Men’s Soccer
West Michigan Youth Soccer Association