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Have you put your life on hold because of pain? Does your suffering keep you from engaging in the activities that you value and enjoy? Have pain treatments such as surgeries and medications become more of a focus than recreational activities or time with family and friends?

The Pain Center at Mary Free Bed understands this downward spiral. Our team of doctors, nurses, psychologists, physical therapists and occupational therapists are experts at helping patients return to full and productive lives.

If you have experienced any of the following, we may have a solution for you:

  • Pain beyond the normal healing process
  • Pain that hasn’t responded to treatment
  • Pain problems that have led to a decline in function, such as an inability to return to work or school or difficulty in carrying out daily activities
  • Depression or anxiety because of pain
  • The overuse of medications, particularly opioids
  • Pain that’s diminished your quality of life

We seek a drug-free alternative to your pain problem by teaching you how to respond differently to your pain. Our rehabilitation approach focuses on getting you back to enjoying the things you value the most. The goal is to reduce your suffering as much as possible and provide comprehensive pain management strategies to help you manage the pain that remains.

While we can’t guarantee complete recovery, we’re pleased to report that our patients, on average, experience a 25% reduction in their pain. In addition, those who have undergone 10 weeks of treatment say they feel twice as much control over their pain.

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