Fifth Third River Bank Run Handcycle and Wheelchair Racers 2016Propelling forward with nothing but arm strength and conviction, wheelchair and handcycle racers at the Fifth Third River Bank Run compete against elite athletes from all over the world. The Mary Free Bed Guild has proudly sponsored the 25K wheelchair race since 1989 and the handcycle race since 2005.

The Mary Free Bed handcycling team is a great way for you to get outside and cycle with a group of active people. You’ll be part of a competitive team that travels to races throughout the country, including Grand Rapids’ own River Bank Run.

Age & Eligibility Guidelines:

16 years or older. You don’t have to have handcycling experience to participate.

Practice Schedule:

10 am, Saturdays, through October
White Pine Trail (Meeting place in Rogue River Park, 6262 Belmont Ave. NE, Belmont, MI 49306.)


$40 team registration for competitive handcyclists (includes jerseys, T-shirts, stickers and perks provided by our sponsors).


Mary Free Bed Wheelchair & Adaptive Sports
235 Wealthy SE | Grand Rapids, MI