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As a wheelchair basketball player, you or your child will use precise and daring chair skills. Learn to stop your chair on a dime, reach up with both hands to catch a flying pass and sail down the court.

Junior and Adult Pacers Wheelchair Basketball Team

The Junior and Adult Pacers is a competitive sports program open to you as a full- or part-time wheelchair user. Most participants have amputations, cerebral palsy or spina bifida. Team participation with the Junior Pacers involves local and away games, travel around Michigan and the United States, and competition in a national tournament.

There are two junior teams, Prep and Varsity. Prep uses an 8.5-foot tall basket and Varsity uses a 10-foot tall basket. Top athletes have received scholarships to play college-level wheelchair sports.

Age Guidelines

Junior Pacers: 7 to 18 years old
Adult Pacers: 18 years or older

Club Basketball Team

Are you an adult, aged 18 year or older, who’s interested in staying active and having fun while working on your skills? New to Wheelchair and Adaptive Sports is a club team with the hope of eventually moving into the D3 division under the National Wheelchair Basketball Association.


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