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Teenager Documents Journey with Cerabral Palsy Part 3

We are excited to welcome Katharine as our first Mary Free Bed Guest Blogger. She came to Mary Free Bed for rehabilitation following a complicated surgery to correct her gait. Kat is blogging about this experience, and she is allowing us to share her thoughts with you. My new home. Today was a big day…
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Motivation Leads to Remarkable Recovery after Spinal Cord Injury

Last March, Chris Graystone was enjoying a fun evening with friends. However, the night filled with good laughs and memories took a turn for the worse when a few friends decided to take a polar bear plunge. Chris decided to join them. While making his way to the lake, Chris tripped over uneven ground just…
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Support Group Helps Survivors and Family Members Adjust To Life After Stroke

Joseph Tabor’s stroke left him with memory problems, depression and anxiety. At the Mary Free Bed Stroke Support Group, he met others he could relate to. Group members helped him learn the causes of post-stroke anxiety and depression and how to deal with them effectively.

Patient with brain injury keeps faith and restores independence

In 2007, David Ling was stung by a bee for the first time in his life. Within minutes, he displayed one of the classic symptoms of an allergic reaction – difficulty breathing – and was soon diagnosed with an allergy to bee stings. But, he never realized just how serious his allergy was until July…
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Twins Make Donation to the Mary Free Bed Spinal Cord Injury Program

Benton and Garret Truttman are thankful for their grandmother, Joyce. This fall, Joyce came to Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital to recover from a spinal cord injury. The 11-year-old twins decided that instead of asking for presents for their birthday, they would ask for donations to benefit the Mary Free Bed Spinal Cord Injury Program….
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Baby Roman wears helmet to correct flat spot on his head

Early on Eric and Debbie Boersma had concerns about the back of their son, Roman’s, head. “We thought it looked a little flat, but given we see him every day it was difficult for us to really know if it was flat or if it was normal,” said Eric. During Roman’s four month check-up they…
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