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Below are the current rosters representing Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital and Guild leadership.

Board of Trustees

David Muir

Vice Chairperson
Molly Krauss

Amy Stuursma

Dan Vaughan

Assistant Treasurer
Sue Kinsler

Amy Abbott
Nancy Albers
Adriana Almanza
Mike Andary, M.D.
Luis Avila
Becky Bechler
Dave Beemer
Susan Bloss
Benjamin Bruinsma, M.D.
Dianne DeRoseau
Paul Doyle
Sandra Gaddy
Michael Jakubowski, M.D.
Deb Kay
Scott Lewis
Holly Peterson
Laura Puff
Kent Riddle
Wendy Stock
Jennifer Taylor
Maryln Walton
Cameron Young

Hospital Administration

Chief Executive Officer
Kent Riddle

Chief Medical Officer
Michael Jakubowski, M.D.

Chief Operations Officer
Ingrid Cheslek

Chief of Staff
Andrea Kuldanek, M.D.

Chief Nursing Officer, Vice President of Inpatient Services
Maria Opoku-Agyeman

Chief Clinical Operations Officer, Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Network
Bruce Brasser

Vice President of Communications and External Relations
Jane Brierley

Director Emeritus of Research
John F. Butzer, M.D.

Chief Financial Officer (outgoing)
Randy DeNeff

Chief Financial Officer (incoming)
Ryan Podvin

Chief Strategy Officer
Jeff Garber

Vice President of Orthotics & Prosthetics + Bionics
Scott Riddle

Vice President of Mary Free Bed Advisory Group
Joyal Pavey

Vice President of Advancement
Tim Pietryga

Vice President of Finance, Controller
Nate Guzman

Vice President of Human Resources
Karen Powell

Administrator, Sub-Acute Rehabilitation
Kiersten Cudney

Vice President of Medical Group, Contract Services and Outpatient Operations
Bryan Williams

Executive Director, Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Marcus Manders

Guild Board of Directors

Jennifer Taylor

1st Vice President
Gayle VanderVeen

2nd Vice President
Debbie Locke

3rd Vice President
Kate Shannon (Junior Guild – Ex-officio)

Judy Palmer

Assistant Treasurer
Sue Kinsler

Recording Secretary
Amy Abbott

Corresponding Secretary
Meg Richard

Nancy Bush
Sandy Conner
Meg Derrer
Vickie Dodge
Debbie Locke
Joan McCrone
Linda Newton
Peni Reed
Terry Sokorai
Laura Puff (Ex-officio)
Wendy Stock
Beca Valazquez-Publes
Maryln Walton