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Clinical Curriculum

The curriculum will be based on the most recent Description of Resident Practice: Orthopaedics from the American Board of Physical Therapy Residency and Fellowship Education.

The 12-month program begins in September of each year. The program will consist of three four-month rotations. One resident will be selected per year, and the resident will rotate through the following areas in outpatient orthopedics:

Orthopedic Rehabilitation Center – The resident will develop advanced knowledge, skills and clinical expertise in outpatient orthopedic physical therapy (pre- and post-operative care). The resident will work collaboratively with the multi-disciplinary team to help restore hope and freedom to people with diverse orthopedic conditions. Members of the multi-disciplinary team include physicians and physician assistants from River Valley Orthopedics, and occupational therapists whose specialties range from work conditioning to hand therapy. The team also includes physical therapists with Orthopaedic Specialist Certification (OSC) and McKenzie MDT credentials.

The Pain Rehabilitation Program – This multidisciplinary program is designed to take a rehabilitation approach to treating patients with chronic pain and headaches. Under the guidance of a clinical mentor, the resident will gain experience and develop skills that empower patients to reduce their pain and manage their symptoms, allowing them to return to functional and enjoyable lives. The Pain Rehabilitation Program staff uses a team-based approach that includes physical therapy, occupational therapy, physicians and physician assistants, and psychologists who specialize in treating chronic pain issues.

The Spine Center – The resident will develop advanced knowledge, skills and clinical expertise utilizing the McKenzie-based approach to patient care. Emphasis on empowering the patient to be an active participant in managing their condition is an integral part of the McKenzie approach. As part of the team, the resident will focus on restoring patients’ spinal health through rehabilitation, not surgery or medication. The resident will enhance his or her clinical expertise by working with patients with outpatient orthopedic spinal conditions, both pre- and post-operatively. The resident will enhance his or her clinical reasoning as part of a multidisciplinary team of physicians, occupational therapists, pain psychologists and work conditioning.

The resident will treat patients clinically 25-plus hours a week and spend the remaining hours in didactic learning.